Friday, August 14, 2020

A Far Back Friday and the Barbizon Wayback Machine: Sid, Sam & Stan and the Rosco "Footcandle Award"

Sid Bloom, Stan Miller, Sam Resnick

We're always going through old pictures and tracking down the history of them.  This week's #FBF is about a picture we found with our founders Sid Bloom, Stan Resnick, and Rosco's Stan Miller. 

As the story goes, it was 1987 and Barbizon was celebrating its 40th year in business.  Rosco owner Stan Miller wanted to give something to Sid & Sam on the occasion. 

We reached out to Mr. Miller at Rosco and he graciously replied with this note:

... I would estimate that it was taken not too long after the company moved from 10th Avenue to 55th Street. Sid and Sam are truly in their prime, still in the early days of building Barbizon into what it would become. Jonathan probably hadn’t even started at Brown and no Case link to Boston was as yet on the scene.


I was also a owner of a manufacturing company building relationships with my dealer resellers. I worked to create demand, but so many dealers took the position “I give them what they ask for”, a brand indifference. Where I sought

dealer-partners, I got shrugs...


But Sid and Sam committed: they were ROSCO DEALERS! and when Sam signed on he was with you! It was possible to get out with Lee rolls, but it certainly wasn’t easy. They truly felt that they had a relationship with Rosco and we endeavored to help them and they had an obligation to support our efforts to make sales. It was reciprocal and we each recognized and appreciated what the other brought to the relationship. 


I know where the “foot candle” came from, but I‘ve forgotten what we said. Believe me, though, we simply could not have come up with enough awards to adequately express our appreciation to Sid and Sam, our true “dealer partners”! - Stan