Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Now you can make LED dimming on legacy systems easier with PhaseAdept

ETC PhaseAdept

Do you have a legacy ETC Sensor dimming system and find issues with line dimming LED fixtures and lamps? Electronic Theatre Controls announced they are now shipping its new PhaseAdept dimming module. 

PhaseAdept provides high-quality line dimming for LED fixtures and lamps. It is compatible with any vintage of ETC Sensor, DRd, or DR-series power enclosure, either shipping from the factory or already in the field. Because PhaseAdept works in legacy panels, a venue can use their existing power control system and the lighting system infrastructure can remain intact, expediting the renovation process and delivering tremendous cost savings.

PhaseAdept produces smooth, continuous control no matter the fixture type, features forward- and reverse-phase dimming options, and has multiple dimming curve settings. Remote configuration of the dimmer module is available in enclosures with CEM3, CEM+, P-ACP, and E-ACP control modules; manual configuration is available directly at the dimmer module for legacy systems.

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