Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Barbizon Lighting Company Names Tom Madden as President and CEO

Tom Madden
The Barbizon Lighting Company announced today that its Board of Directors voted unanimously to appoint Tom Madden as President and Chief Executive Officer, effective November 27, 2017.

“Tom recognizes and deeply values the Barbizon culture, something which initially drew him to the company and which he feels strongly about honoring and fostering” read a statement from the Board of Directors. Madden’s appointment comes after Barbizon Lighting Company’s previous President and CEO, Jonathan Resnick, unexpectedly passed away. “It’s among the many reasons Jonathan thought the world of Tom and we are sure he would agree with our carefully considered choice.”

Madden has a proven track record of success at Barbizon Lighting’s Mid-Atlantic operation as the General Manager of Barbizon’s Capitol location. His previous experience includes leadership on an international level in roles ranging from Stage and Production Manager to Senior General Manager & Executive Vice President. His unique depth of experience in the entertainment and event/theatrical producing sectors, combined with his technical knowledge, business acumen, and his great gift and passion in working with people, made him a stand out to the Board of Directors as the clear choice to run the organization.

"I’m honored, and I’m thankful to the Board for the opportunity to lead this extraordinary organization of creative, dedicated, and talented professionals,” remarked Tom Madden. “We provide innovative lighting and technology solutions, every day, with a world-class team of employees. This role is a tremendous opportunity that any leader would welcome.” Barbizon Lighting’s customers range from theatres to film & television studios; from houses of worship to architectural projects; and from museum & themed environments to complicated rigging systems. “Our tireless dedication to our customers and our ability to respond on many different levels have been the impetus for 70 years of success. That same dedication and ability will serve as the foundation for our future. Whether our customers are building the top of the world’s tallest skyscraper, installing a state of the art television studio, opening a world class museum, or bringing a small community theatre back to life, we have their solution and we stay with them every step along the way.” Madden further added “Jonathan Resnick’s legacy is all around us: an incredible team that embodies his spirit, his work ethic, and his dedication to each of our customers. I am honored to carry this legacy forward.”