Monday, October 16, 2017

ETC Announces Additions to Their Echo Architectural Controls Line

ETC’s Unison Echo family just got more powerful. A new operating software adds customer-requested features to the architectural control system, including tunable white and sequence control for the Echo DMX Scene Controller, and more.

DMX Scene Controller can now control tunable white DMX luminaires, giving users the ability to choose a color temperature that best suits their space. Control for color-changing fixtures has also been expanded, allowing users to mix a chosen temperature of white as well as colors. A new sequence feature has been added to provide dynamic lighting control. Trigger functions in the DMX Scene Controller have been expanded to control how the system should behave if a DMX source is plugged in, or what to do if a primary DMX source is lost.

Echo stations and sensors now support preset control across multiple spaces. A single button push can control multiple rooms, including the ability to turn off lights in multiple spaces. Plus, Echo photo sensors support a new inhibit function that prevents the sensor from raising levels when they have been For more info on ETC’s Unison Echo line of products, visit