Friday, September 30, 2016

Do you Light Up Your Building / Office For October?

October marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and soon the color pink will blanket buildings, offices and monuments across the country to raise awareness.

No matter the canvas, Barbizon Lighting can help your organization show support. 

The Rosco Spectrum Blog has a great post on things to think about when choosing colors based on what the light source you are putting gel in front of, some great takeaways from the blog include:

"There are many factors that influence what “the right pink” is, including the spectral output of the light source you’re working with, the hue of the pink you want and whether or not the gel can survive when installing on the light source.
Most lights used to illuminate buildings are either metal halide or sodium vapor. The metal halide makes a ‘white light’ that has spikes in the blue and the green, while the sodium vapor fixtures are very yellow and also have a high green spike. Remember, a color filter cannot put color into a light source that it doesn’t already contain. So, if the light source you’re working with doesn’t have the colors in its spectral output to make pink in the first place, installing a pink color filter on the light won’t work.
In general, you’ll have the most luck working with metal halide as that particular source has more colors present in its spectral output, so it should yield a decent pink."
Here's two colors that make a lot of sense for October.
  • R43 Deep Pink for metal halide lights
  • R346 for sodium vapor
If you wish to project a pattern on your building or wall Rosco also makes an Awareness Ribbon gobo that can be put a pattern projector and then the ribbon of light can be aimed at a surface to show your support.

If you have any questions or need help with lighting Request More Information from us!