Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Barbizon Light of New England Lights Up Sutton Massachusetts High School.

Photo Credit: Robert Benson

Barbizon Light of New England worked with Central Massachusetts Sutton High School to consult, integrate, and install lighting systems for their theatrical and TV Studio. The physical location of the theatre and the TV studio made it possible to use a centralized dimming and control system that the two spaces could share while still maintaining independent control.


Two ETC dimmer racks were installed. Thru the use of ETC’s Net3, both the theater and the TV studio were able to share the dimming resources. The Theater was allocated 144 dimmers with a mix of D20 dimmer modules and R20 relay modules allowing mixed use of convention tungsten Source4 and LED fixtures. The TV studio was assigned the last 48 dimmers, again with a mix of D20 and R20 modules to accommodate LED, fluorescent, and tungsten studio fixtures. Both spaces have their own ETC Element consoles connected via the ETC network to the dimmer racks.

Unique to the design of the theatre is the inclusion of Color Kinetics RGB Cove LED fixtures behind frosted plexiglass on the facade of the balconies. The design offered the space the ability to change colors and overall feeling of the space with simple controls either through the ETC Element or the Paradigm house light system.

The stage lighting package included a mix of traditional tungsten and LED based Source4 ellipsoidals, Chroma-Q ColorForce LED strips, fresnels, and worklites. The fixture package is diverse in technologies offering students a professional experience.

For additional information about this project, please contact the systems division of the Barbizon Light of New England office at 781-935-3920.