Wednesday, March 02, 2016

If You're Going to Talk the Talk You Need to Walk the Walk

At Barbizon we've been showing our customers the benefits of energy efficiency and helping them to make their spaces look and function better.  But sometimes it can be a little like the "Cobbler's children" parable.  We're so busy helping our customers we sometimes let things go for ourselves.

Barbizon Florida's Miramar office has a large warehouse that was originally lit with 8’ T-12 fluorescent fixtures that were old, the ballasts were worn, and a change was needed.  Federal energy legislation such as EPACT (The Energy Policy Act) mandates the phase out of many of the older T12 linear fluorescent lamp types (which these were) for newer, more energy efficient technology.

Systems Manager Drew Bongiorno and General Manager Nicholas Cohen took this opportunity to look at the available options on the market and settled on replacing the older technology with new 8’ T-12 LED lamps.  Below you will see before and after pictures.  The benefit to the office was dramatic - they were able reduce power consumption as well as increase visibility in the warehouse - a win win for everyone.

If you have a space that has older florescent lamps and want to explore updating contact your local Barbizon office today.