Friday, March 07, 2014

See the ONE World Trade Install Up Close

Screenshot of the ONE WTC Spire in the GigaPan Image from
As much as we'd love to take you all up to the roof of One World Trade, that's just not in the cards.

But, we do have something almost as cool.  Time Magazine just published a great story about the project and have a GigaPan panoramic image embedded in the story.

GigaPans are gigapixel panoramas, digital images with billions of pixels. They are huge panoramas with fascinating detail, all captured in the context of a single brilliant photo. Phenomenally large, yet remarkably crisp and vivid, gigapans are available to be explored at

You can see the fixtures as installed and get a close look at the beacon mechanism.  It's a pretty amazing piece of engineering and being able to zoom in so you can see the connectors and bolts is just mind-bending.

You can See the story and see the image on Time's site with this link  ( )