Monday, October 21, 2013

Rosco Announces Engineered Upgrades to Hamburg Frosts

Rosco 114, 119 and 132 are among the most popular filters specified by lighting professionals around the world. They represent a significant portion of Rosco's filter sales - and probably yours as well. This is because the Hamburg family's unique, embossed optical structure produces a precisely softened beam edge and is engineered to maintain a crucial light-to-dark ratio. Manufactured on Rosco's proprietary, fire-retardant, polycarbonate base, these filters refract light without creating the unwanted flare and light-scatter commonly experienced with coated white diffusions.

Rosco recently developed new embossing tools for use in the production line of the Hamburg Frost series. This upgrade allows for improved process controls and consistent, long-term control of the filters' diffusion properties.

Continuity was the number one goal of the equipment upgrade and we're confident that the Hamburg Frosts will perform as they always have and live up to the expectations of our shared customers. While the new production is virtually an exact match to the original Hamburg filters, we do not recommend using new and old materials in the same lighting system. Designers may notice a slight difference when both materials are installed in fixtures whose beams appear side-by-side on stage.

As new production material comes into the marketplace, you may notice a mark on the filter that repeats every 24 inches. This nearly imperceptible seam may be found in both sheets and rolls of R114, R119 and R132 and is a result of the new manufacturing process. It is not a defect and will not project nor in any way affect the use of the lighting filter.

New production of these Hamburg Frosts will be entering the marketplace in the next 3-6 weeks as it replaces our existing stock. The upgraded materials will be denoted with a "+" after the number that is stamped at the bottom of the sheets and printed on the core tags of the rolls (Ex: ROSCO119+). This "+" delineation will help you keep your new and old inventories separate as we transition fully into the new production.

As part of our development process, we beta-tested the new formulations with discerning designers whom we knew to be passionate fans of the Hamburg Frosts. In each case, these customers told us how pleased they were with the results of the upgrades - and we know your customers will feel the same way.

If you'd like to try these new versions contact your local Barbizon office at 866-502-2724.