Friday, April 19, 2013

Barbizon's NAB 2013 Show Report Published!

Barbizon's NAB show report has been Published!

NAB is a huge show. 93 thousand people converged on the Las Vegas Convention center to see the latest in all things broadcast / content creation.

Barbizon annually exhibits in the central hall in the acquisition area and we have multiple education sessions over the course of the first three days.  All were well attended.  John Gates, Jim Sippel and John Gebbie spoke on hot-button topics that included LED lighting, tungsten vs. daylight, and Chromakey lighting.  These sessions will soon be posted to our YouTube channel (we're editing them and adding the slides in post).

One other service we provide to our customers is to dispatch our employees who came to the show out across the halls to find the latest and greatest in lighting, grip, or just things that would make our lives easier.  We've compiled them all into one place for you to check out.  It's now live for you check out.

If you have any questions contact your local office or shoot us an email at

Happy Reading!