Friday, November 30, 2012

PLASA Gobo Projection Standard out for revision and public review

Huh - that's interesting, did you know that there was a proposed standard out for Gobo Projection?  And that it's out for public review so it can be updated? 

ANSI E1.35 - 2007, Standard for Lens Quality Measurements for Pattern Projecting Luminaires Intended for Entertainment Use, is being revised to increase the accuracy of the measurement procedure, while keeping it simple. The draft of the revised standard is available for free download and comment through 21 January 2013 at
E1.35 describes a method for measuring and stating the sharpness of the image projected by a stage and studio luminaire. It's meant to be a simple way to distinguish quantitatively between luminaires as to the crispness of their projected images.
For more information, please contact Karl Ruling, PLASA's Technical Standards Manager, at