Friday, September 07, 2012

UPDATED: Changes in Front and Behind the Scenes @ Live With Kelly

It looks like everything went off without a hitch earlier this week and we received a really nice note from the LD on the project Philip Widmer that we wanted to share:

How do you spell success?   
I don't want to spell success I want to recognize it in this email. This morning "Live with Kelly" went back on air after a thirty day hiatus. 
A nationally syndicated show going to air with millions plus people watching including media news from around the world at home for the introduction of the new co-host that will sit next to Kelly Ripa. 
What just about all the people at home did not realizes was that during the hiatus the entire dimming system was removed from the building and every circuit had to be moved, extended, and fastened to it's proper new location in the new ETC dimmer racks.  By my calculations over 1,350 wires had to be moved and relanded in the new dimmer racks and that's not including the feeder cables. No one watching the show at home had a clue that this major project was undertaken in this short period of time.    
I am happy to report that every dimmable and non dimmable circuit worked perfectly in the studio this morning!  The dimming system worked perfectly!  
I would like to thank Barbizon Lighting, Solar Electric, Electronic Theatre Controls, ABC Electrics, Josh Hinden, Local One, ABC management, and the rest of the Team for successfully completing this project! My many thanks to all of you for your hours of hard work and dedication! 
Philip Widmer
Lighting Designer 
Live with Kelly and Michael

Kelly Ripa and probable new permanent
co-host Michael Strahan
There's been a lot of talk in the trades about Kelly Ripa's probable new co-host Michael Strahan starting this fall, but behind the scenes Barbizon Lighting had less than a month to remove twenty-two 1970's era Kliegel racks and replace them with seven new ETC Advanced Feature Sensor 3 dimmer racks.  

The three week time-table gave the Barbizon Electric Systems team only the show's August break to complete massive overall. 

New ETC Sensor 3 Racks for Live With Kelly at WABC
7 new ETC Sensor 3 Racks behind
the scenes at Live with Kelly
Barbizon's Project Manager Scott Pomerantz oversaw the entire operation which included high voltage work by Solar Electric and low voltage testing, system programming and commissioning by Barbizon New York's technical service team of Roni Sia, Chris Reising and Ben Tevelow. 

Be sure to check out the new look September 4th when the show returns live.

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