Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Barbizon Lighting Works with Small Studios to Secure Energy Incentives

Jonathan Lipsy (left) with the Bedford
Community Television Staff and their
Incentive Check from Their Local Utility.
Barbizon Light of New England's Jonathan Lipsy is a busy guy.  He's on the road a lot throughout the Northeast visiting local stations who are always under crushing budget constraints and more than not, don't have the funds to upgrade their lighting systems to something more energy efficient.

It's very much a chicken and egg scenario. Funds are needed to update aging and inefficient lighting systems to ones that will use much less power and ultimately save the station on their energy bills.

This is where power utility incentives come in.  As a part of Barbizon's New Light Initiative, Barbizon's sales people are being trained on the latest energy saving measures for stage and studio.  They are also learning and mastering navigating the complicated maze that is securing funds to upgrade older energy-hungry systems.

If your organization is in a situation like this, find your local Barbizon Lighting office or call 866-502-2724 and they will be happy to set up a meeting, assess your situation, and see how we can help.