Monday, April 02, 2012

ESTA Foundation ēSET iOS App Now Available

The ēSET (Essential Skills for the Entertainment Technician) body of knowledge developed and vetted by industry professionals has now been released as an iOS app available for download in the iTunes store. 
The body of knowledge has been available on the ESTA Foundation site but ēSET committee member Dana Taylor thought it needed to be even more mobile so he decided to work to make it an iOS app.
The creation of the ēSET program was born of the realization that many current entry-level entertainment technicians lack fundamental knowledge and skills related to the industry. The resulting goal of ēSET is to provide technicians with the knowledge and skills they will need to function effectively across all fields of the live entertainment industry and a tool to organize and guide their learning.
The user of the ēSET program will be able to focus on self-selected topics utilizing a sequential approach to learning drawn from a database of textual and graphical content related to entertainment technology. Further, ēSET provides tools to better assist the user in organizing selected materials in a meaningful fashion, enhancing the learning experience and providing a ready reference to important data.
  • For educators, the availability of in-depth materials and the ability to organize them for students will better enable them to assist and engage student learning while providing the student with the most up to date information available.
  • Facility managers will be able to collect venue-specific information to better assist in the training of their workforce.
  • Employers will have a new and powerful tool to identify employee skills and readiness for work and a mechanism to support further training of their staffs.
  • Individuals will have a vast source of technical support materials literally at their fingertips.
The 99 cent ēSET app offers educators, managers, employers and individuals an on the go tool by which they can teach, learn and prosper within the industry. To download go to  or scan the QR code below.