Thursday, June 23, 2011

Barbizon Boston teaches classes at the New England Drama Guild.

Recently the Technical Services Department participated in the New England Drama Guild finals which were hosted by Andover High School in MA.  All of New England was represented by the finalist schools.  Barbizon's Boston office presented workshops for the students over the course of the day.

Barbizon's Tracey Coste said about the event, "We felt this was important because, as former high school students in New England, we knew that there weren’t many places to get technical guidance at the high school level.  As it turned out, we were correct that this was an area of need.  While on site, we were thanked repeatedly for offering a technical option since the students are generally only exposed to the artistic side."

The two workshops offered were:
From Console to Fixture: A Technical Explanation of Lighting Control
This workshop will explain the basics of a lighting system from the console through the wiring and finally out to the fixtures.  It will discuss circuits vs. dimmers vs. addresses vs. channels as well as a brief explanation of the data path.

A Practical Approach to Lighting Design
This workshop will introduce people how to use tools such as Angles, Timing, Color and Templates to enhance a performance.

Below are the participating high schools, plus we had representatives from the hosting school, Andover High School, as well:
  • Plymouth Regional High School – NH
  • Gilford High School – NH
  • People’s Academy High School – VT
  • Milton High School – VT
  • E.O. Smith High School – CT
  • Stamford High School – CT       
  • Gorham High School – ME
  • Yarmouth High School – ME
  • The Bromfield School – MA
  • Manchester-Essex Regional High School – MA
  • North Kingstown High School – RI
  • Mount Hope High School - RI