Sunday, April 11, 2010

NAB 2010 Opens tomorrow morning

When we left the hall this afternoon crates were being removed, fingerprints polished from cases. Yes in addition to the considerable amount of pollen, the smell of NAB is in the air.

There's lots of goodies this year. Manufacturers came by with tidbits of cool gear they plan to show and in the next few days we'll highlight it here. LED's abound, there's great use of the LIFI plasma lamp, and there's a lot of other cool things for the DSLR video crowd we've seen.

We're ready to go - Barbizon is in booth 5048 and we'll have presentations by Jim Sippel and Jon Gates through Wednesday. The schedule is:

John Gates:
Illuminating Info on LEDs in 30 Minutes - 10:30AM
Three Keys to ChromaKey - 2:30PM

Jim Sippel:
Hands-On Lighting for Video Shoots - 12:30PM
Lighting Set-ups Using HMIs - 4:30PM

We hope to see you!