Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NAB 2010 Day one - In the can

It was pretty busy around the floor today. We spoke to the NAB staff and attendance is up from last year for day one and - hopefully - if the registration numbers hold true for the rest of the show!

Holy cow there is a lot of cool things out.. from a cursory glance around the floor here are some highlights.. more info and pics coming soon.
  • Kata bags has redesigned their bags to be lighter weight but still just as protective
  • ProPrompter has an adapter for the iPad to make it into a teleprompter, either stand-up or on a camera.
  • Videssence's new LED fixtures are really bright and efficient.
  • Zylight has a flexible screen for in front of their IS3 panel or a 2' sq panel that has an adjustible frost from clear to full frost using LCD's.
We have our booth meeting in the morning and our team will discuss all the cool things and I'll run around and get images to post.

More soon!