Monday, February 22, 2010

Repower America

I got an email (mail list, not personal) from the President of USGBC and Al Gore.

Read the letter and check out the website. It's pretty interesting. I know we've had a tough winter but we can't let people forget weather and climate are two different things.

While you are surfing check out Bill Gates talk on energy at the last TED conference
Here's a link:

February 2010

Repower America

A Message from Al Gore and
Rick Fedrizzi

Dear Friend:

We have entered a new decade, a new era in humanity’s consciousness about our ability to impact our planet – for better or worse. Amid this collective conversation about what we’re going to do to ensure our legacy is one of environmental, economic and social success, it’s critical that your voice is heard.

We ask a lot of our community – and we get a lot in return. You’re passionate, committed, innovative and insightful. The members of the green building movement, in every field and sector of the industry, dedicate themselves personally and professionally through hard work day in and day out. But sometimes, the most effective step is also the simplest. So today, we are asking you to take a simple – yet powerful – action to lend your voice to the conversation.

Alliance for Climate ProtectionRepower America, a campaign of the Alliance for Climate Protection and the Climate Protection Action Fund, is leading the global conversation about solving the climate crisis, freeing ourselves from our overreliance on fossil fuels, and creating millions of jobs through the transition to a clean energy economy. The Repower Wall represents the faces and voices of more than 55,000 people from all walks of life, and logos of corporations who are committed to doing their part in this worldwide effort. Will you join us?

Share with the Repower America community your vision, your passion and your hope for the role green building can play in a greener, cleaner energy future. It’s easy and free to add your video or photo along with your green building message to this virtual discussion. Visit today, listen to what other people are saying, make a difference with your voice or company logo, and be heard across America.

Visit The Wall now »


Al Gore

Rick Fedrizzi

Al Gore

S. Richard Fedrizzi

Board Chair

President, CEO and Founding Chair

Alliance for Climate Protection

U.S. Green Building Council