Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Neat new Feature from Production Intercom

Production Intercom Header
New Feature Added To The BP-1

We have added the ability to switch from a Dynamic to Electret Microphone with the a recessed switch on the rear panel of the BP-1.

There is no scheduled price increase for this feature, and we plan to include the feature in all BP-1's manufactured after 01/11/2010.

The BP-1 will ship with the switch in the Dynamic (out) position for use with a standard 200ohm Dynamic Mic. Your customers will have the ability to use any 2k ohm Electret Mic. by simply setting the switch to the Electret (in) position.

All BP-1's shipped after Jan 11th 2010 will have the following information sheet included in the packaging.


Remember that the BP.15 has always had the ability to accept Dynamic or Electret Microphones. Now both beltpacks have this ability.