Thursday, December 03, 2009

JR Clancy's new Battery powered nicropress tool

JR Clancy collaborated with National Telephone on the technical specs for the new Model 5506 battery operated swaging tool. This compact tool offers a new versatility previously unseen in powered swaging.

The tool’s one handed operation allows the user to align and swage sleeves easily without additional assistance. If you’re up in a personnel lift by yourself, swaging is now easily accomplished without wild acrobatics or bruised ribs. Another advantage to the tool is that it requires fewer crimps per sleeve compared to the manual press tool. Instead of the 3 crimps required on a 1/4″ oval sleeve or the 4 crimps on a 3/16″ oval sleeve, this tool only requires 2 crimps.

The tool presses quickly and efficiently, giving an audible bypass when the proper crimping pressure is achieved. The tool comes in a case with two lithium-ion batteries, a charger, a Nicopress gauge, and 1/4″ die.

The battery lasts for approximately 200 crimps. With the two batteries, you have essentially unlimited operation as the battery can charge up before you’ve exhausted the other one. Interchangeable dies are available for use on fittings for up to 5/16″ cable.