Friday, December 18, 2009

ENTTEC Year End Deal!

ENTTEC just let us know about a neat year end deal you might want to check into.

LightFactory V2.2 has now been released and to help build excitement about the new features in this version, ENTTEC has announced a special promotion.

Who: This is available to all LightFactory version 1.x users, whether they bought thru our dealer network, or from another source including online.

What: Cross Grading from either the Limited or Basic version 1 licenses, up to a version 2.2 with a full 512 dimmers support will be $149 USD List Price for a limited time. (This was a $479 value coming from the Limited Edition, or $390 from Basic, just to give you some perspective on what a huge deal this is.)

When: Now through the end of the year.

How: Use Part Number 70581. This is true whether you are upgrading from Limited or from Basic. Place order for one of these upgrades through the normal ordering procedures except that minimum order size is waived since it's a software license by email. User will need to supply their old ver. 1 License Code or a valid Registration Code. (Lic. will take less time time to process and is therefore preferable.)

After December 31, the price will go back up.

Call your local Barbizon office @ 866-502-2724 to check into it.