Friday, November 20, 2009

LDI Show floor opens today

When we left the hall last night to go to the ESTA dinner there was still a fair amount to be done by some of the exhibitors. But we're production people, I know that when I walk in this morning everything will be ready and the HVAC will be on!! (It was cooler on the dock than in the hall.)

If you are here or even close we'll be here until Sunday with the rest of the industry showing the latest and greatest. Barbizon will be in booth 1127

We'll be posting some of the highlights of the weekend and compiling news for our annual show report that we'll get posted ASAP.

If you need a show floor pass you can click here.

Oh and by the way we're not the same Barbizon having meetings @ the Rosen Plaza. Yup.. the modeling company is also in the main conference hotel looking for 'talent'.

And no, we didn't do their lighting.