Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Show Crew Network is Live.

Friends of Barbizon Lighting launched a new crew sourcing portal. We have not used this service yet, but want to let our customers know about it because it is a new, interesting, resource.

What's interesting is that it pairs people who need crews with crew and processes the payments also.

"Show Crew Network was developed by production industry veterans looking for a way to simplify the process of booking crews for gigs and making freelancing easier for production industry pros. The founders consulted with production companies, rental staging companies, freelancers, event firms, touring companies, sound, lighting and video houses and many others along the way to design a system that makes booking jobs for both employers and crew members a snap. In addition, Show Crew Network is robust with features that save time and money as well as reducing the headaches of scheduling, managing and payroll."

It's worth checking out.. Free for techs and companies to post their profile and availability/needs.
The fee breakdown is:
  • Crew Member Registration - FREE!
  • Company Registration - FREE!
  • Crew Member Payment Disbursement Fee - $1 per transaction
  • Company Service Fee - 7% per transaction
  • Company Escrow Processing Fee - 3.9% per transaction
The innovative aspect to this service is that it protects both the employer and employee because the payment for the gig is held in escrow (for more info on how all that works check out their FAQ. )

Check it out and let us know what you think!