Friday, October 02, 2009

Less than a month left to upgrade your WYSIWYG Dongle for Free

Cast sent out an email and we wanted to remind our customers, if you own a copy of WYSIWYG read this and take advantage of this upgrade offer before they start charging for this service in November.

Release from CAST:

We have improved the security of our products. As you know, R22 included seriously upgraded security protocols that imposed technical demands on our dongles that makes most purple dongles obsolete. The new security has rolled out seamlessly and in R24 it was augmented more by the new semi-annual call home feature, which checks each dongle against CAST's master dongle list and, for example, will shut down any dongle unless it has been re-authorized by you and CAST. Using better encryption algorithms for our dongles, we are protecting our Members' investment and making wysiwyg impossible for ongoing unauthorized use. Each infield dongle, starting with R23, is tested to determine whether it can support wysiwyg's new security systems going forward.

You may recall, before the new security protocol, that any User who lost a dongle was required to purchase a new software license dongle a price ranging from $699 to $4,999 after all, in the old days there was no way to shut a dongle down if it'd been stolen or lost (an unauthorized user would have ongoing access to your wysiwyg ). Today, Members will only pay a $299 dongle replacement fee and will not have to repurchase the software.

Free dongle exchange program CONCLUDES 30 Oct, 2009. In Jan 09, recognizing the bad economic times vs. the importance of rolling out the new security system , we announced a free dongle exchange program for any wysiwyg Membership in good standing at the time he/she wanted to exchange their dongle.

After running this program for 10 months, this FREE dongles exchange program ends 30 October 2009.

For this final month Members in good standing can avoid paying $299 if they act before 30 Oct that's roughly ½ the price of a Design Membership renewal! Please spread the message among your wysiwyg users so they can take advantage of this offer before it expires, all they have to do is renew their memberships and become current to save!

After 30 Oct, End Users will be required to pay the $299 dongle replacement fee for the exchange of any standalone dongle and $499 on all networked systems, professional and educational.

A link to download a form for return can be downloaded HERE