Thursday, April 23, 2009

NAB 2009 Day Three

The crowds on the floor were a little thinner today. The word from NAB is that the attendance is 83K, down appx 20% from last year. We were still pretty busy at the Barbizon booth... Jim and John wrapped up their presentations to good crowds and ever interesting questions..

When we were done we went over to the Matthews booth and Jim put together this quick tip for everyone on the right hand rule.. Click to watch.

Porta Brace has a cool new off-road kit.. The name was long and confusing so we had them tell us about it. More importantly the list price is in the $650 Range.

New from Frezzi is the MRAX2 Series Dimmable 15W HMI. Featuring the world's smallest 10W to 15W dimmable HMI lamp fixture with a self contained ballast and full spectrum 5600K daylight color balanced lamp. Perfect for outdoor daylight fill light applications. Ultra compact design and extremely robust construction makes the new MRAX2 ideal for the demands of outdoor field production. It can easily be camera mounted with included mounting hardware. Power kits and accessories available. It also looks beefy and might hold up to more abuse than other cam-top lights we've seen.

Check out this new DSC chart.. it's got those dimensional for Chroma key measurement and VR capture.

It's cool because in addition to the ChromaDuMonde colors and grayscales, Billups VF/X features:

  • Grayscale and sky-blue ramps - identify banding introduced in image processing

  • Digital Green and Blue - special effects chips from Composite Components plus Rosco's Chroma Key Green and Blue

  • High Chroma slashes - very useful for checking and tracking chroma aliasing through post

  • Data information panel - including nodal to chart distance

  • Inch and centimeter scales - which, along with Nodal to chart distance, enable simple calculation of camera viewing angle

  • Reflectance spheres - Black sphere not only shows the number, position and type of lighting (spot or flood), but also the hue or color filtration of individual lights. The white sphere shows the integrated level and color temperature

  • Black Background - provides cleaner histograms.

Spotted in the Phillips Solid State (Color Kinetics) booth was an all tungsten version mounted in the Color Reach body... Darn bright. It is line voltage and can come in tungsten, daylight, a mix of the two or RGB. Appx $6K US list price.

They also had an all white led version of the new Vari*lite VLX they were showing to see how interested people would be.

We should have some time to get more pics tomorrow as me thinks it will be pretty quiet on the floor.. We've heard the Autodesk booth is made of mailing tubes and looks pretty cool.

The main drawback blogging this year is that the internet connection we are using to upload videos and pics sees the the large upstream data as a network intrusion and collapses the connection down to 56K.. Dialup speed. Seriously. That's to the Harrah's Group and the Rio Hotel where we are staying. Xohm please install in Vegas so hotel connections won't stink anymore, and more importantly we won't have to pay $99 a day for wi-fi in the LVCC.

More tomorrow and when the connection speeds up.