Saturday, October 25, 2008

LDI Day One

We started the day out with our fearless leader addressing his troops in the booth before the show.

Once the show opened we did a cursory walk around the floor and we'll get more pics posted tomorrow but here's one of the most the interesting things we saw today:

SeaChanger's new NEMO..

So this is pretty interesting.. they are using a new LIFI Plasma source as the lamp.. it's been used primarily in projection units.. The cool part is that it is massively bright.. appx 150 Lumens to the watt. So using the 100 watt lamp it produces appx 15000 lumens.. another plus.. 15,000 hours of lamp life. They've recalibrated the color wheels for the daylight color temp of the lamp so it will be compatible with color picker software in control desks.. "Nemo uses existing ETC Source Four® front-end barrels as well as an assortment of ETC FOV optics. It comes equipped with SeaChanger's own Extreme Green wheel that extends the CMY color gamut to create more dramatic, vibrant colors. Nemo is currently available in a standard version and an outdoor version will be available early in 2009. Nemo Outdoor is perfectly suited for lighting applications in theme parks, zoos, gardens and outdoor concerts."

For more info on the LIFI Lamp check out this LINK

SeaChangers booth is also pretty fun jungle theme and they have new tiger striped duckies.

Then this was seen in the Strong booth:

This is one of the winners of the ESTA "Rock Our World" awards.. it's the Aqua Visual FX Water Screen from Pyrotek Special Effects.

More tomorrow, Also Sunday we''ll have pics from the Industry Party being hosted by LightParts and Barbizon @ the Tropicana.. If you are in Vegas stop by our booth (LDI 648) and get a pass.
More coverage from the floor can be seen @ the ETC Blog with coverage by David Lincecum who is also roaming the show floor.