Thursday, April 17, 2008

NAB 2008 Day 3 continued

Mole Richardson has a few new things of interest. First there is the Type 6731 2K Tungsten Par. It uses the new HX2000 lamp from GE and and is amazingly bright. It will be available soon..

Now this is a big light.. It's a 12 / 18 / 24K HMI fresnel with a 24-3/4" lens. Seriously.

Not that you'd want to do this, but, with the 24K HMI lamp and the unit spotted down you'd get 117,563 foot candles @ 10 feet in a 1.5' beam diameter.

Conversely, spotted @ 200 feet there's 294fc in a 30' beam diameter... Seriously.

Here's a pic of Mole's new 12" Windmachine. It's the little brother of the bigger 24" unit and works on AC or DC. The windspeed can be controlled locally at the unit or via a control desk with DMX.

Lastly for today there is RoscoView. Rosco VIEW is a two-part system consisting of wide width polarizer filter in gel form and a matching optical glass polarizer camera filter. When utilized together, you are able to instantly control 100% of exterior brightness as seen through windows without affecting the lighting and exposure within the studio or set. By rotating the Rosco VIEW camera filter, you are able to change the degree of cross polarization occurring on the window where Rosco VIEW gel filter is applied. It is no longer necessary to constantly change out various ND filters or keep many different types of hard gels on stand by.
Here's a video of it in action.

I strolled over to the South Hall with some clients to show them Element Lab's booth.. They had the new STEALTH video wall on display and also had a neat demo of a motorcycle with STEALTH behind a silk shining on the bike.

Remember, we'll have our complete Barbizon NAB Show Report posted (hopefully) by the end of next week with a much more complete list of everything we saw. We'll let you now here and keep checking for it on the main site.