Sunday, November 18, 2007

LDI Saturday Seen & Heard

We saw this disconnect @ Lex that has a 100A through 400A agile amperage disconnect. You set the desired max amperage by changing dip switches.. Lex also has their new Edison connector that is screwless.. we should have some better pictures to show it off soon.. Rumor is that there is a stage pin version in the works.

Here's our pal Scott Church of Selecon showing Bill Price and Thomas Augusta the Aureol Beamshaper in their demo room.

Techni-Lux had an acrobat in this mirrored unitard contorting in front of their booth.

Coming soon from Selador is this new "Storm" outdoor fixture utilizing their 7 color LED system that allows for a much larger color spectrum than other 3 or 4 color LED fixtures.

Applied had this fixture meat rack that when not in use swivels and folds flat.