Friday, November 16, 2007

LDI 2007Day One

LDI is here again, marking the first anniversary of this little blog (I'm sure the dates are off a bit, but let's face it - so am I) as we started the blog at the beginning of last year's LDI to give you a little bit of an insider's view into the show, the folks, and what the world of Barbizon is seeing at the show.

The first day for us at the exhibit hall is usually about connecting with customers, sometimes getting a first opportunity to put a face to the voice we hear on the telephone, and about reconnecting with old friends, frequently wearing new name tags this year. Since we're celebrating Barbizon's 60th Anniversary year, it only seems fitting to bring you some pictures of some former Barbizon employees who we've run into on the floor. We call this our "You're never REALLY gone" pictorial, and the first guest is Johnny Dahdouh, who is now manning the Bulbtronics booth instead of the Barbizon booth. At least he still has a good use for all the blue apparel!

The Lex products booth saw good traffic, in part thanks to their new Lex-Loc connector, which is an Edison or Twist-Lock connector that uses a unique cage method of catching the wire inside the connector without the need of a screwdriver. For folks who build large numbers of cable assemblies or put lots of plugs on instruments, this looks to be a big time-saver.

This picture is posted without comment, which should certainly be comment enough.

Tom Kennedy left Barbizon to become a reptile, I mean a manufacturer's representative, in Virginia, and has brought along several other former Barbies to his fold. Tom's doing well in Virginia, and congrats on the new addition, buddy.

The SeaChanger booth is pretty.

Here's our fearless leader Jonathan with Sonny Sonnenfeld.
Another blast from the past another now reptile.. oops.. manufacturer's representative Amy Lee who now works for Sesco in Ft. Lauderdale.
Bob Broderick with Traci Lacey.
Chauvet doubled down this year with their booth.. lots and lots of LEDS.
Harold Forman who is now a rep in Tampa with Sesco.

We're headed to the Strong / Lite Parts party later and will see what's happening.