Sunday, November 18, 2007

Barbizonians from over the years @.. LDI

More pics of people who have worked for us over the years..

Steve Cullipher of Barbizon Electric, no wait...Barbizon North Carolina, wait...Barbizon Capitol. No, wait, Barbizon Orlando. That's it! Steve Cullipher of Barbizon Orlando with Amy Lee, now a reptile in Florida.

Hiram Perez, formerly of Barbizon Miami, with Alexandra Castro of Barbizon Miami and Roger Dean of Arri

Here's Danielle who now works for LDS in Salt Lake.

Leslie! Now at Center Stage.. if you know her ask her what joke this is representing.

Michael Eddy used to work for Barbizon Electric, but I'm not going to write anything snarky about him because he's now a professional writer and has better circulation than me.