Monday, April 16, 2007

NAB Opens Tomorrow

Well with all the announcements about how crated needed to be out by 7pm Saturday I thought there would be aisle carpet down when we got to the the hall for presentation rehearsals this morning.

Well as you can see I was wrong.
In all my years of doing this I still am amazed at how it looks like there is no way the hall will be ready for opening. Well, it always is. Tomorrow morning at 9AM the doors will open and over 100 thousand attendees will begin to stream into the halls to see the latest in broadcast technology.
As you can see the Barbizon booth is all ready to go:
The first presentation is at 10:30 am with John Gates talking about Lighting for HD with no tears. He also has a pretty cool session on color choices and light and how the camera sees it.
Jim Sippel's classes are about integrating different light sources and his other class is about Fun in the Sun with HMI lighting.
More from Las Vegas tomorrow!