Thursday, April 19, 2007

NAB 2007 - It's a Wrap

The signs are coming down.. the crews are dismantling the exhibits and the lines at the airport this afternoon were ridiculous. NAB 2007 has come to an end and it has been a great year were we saw a lot of familiar faces and made acquaintances with new ones.

It was pretty slow overall even in the South Hall where all the software people are.. A lot of people cleared out early.

We did a few things in the booth this afternoon but are going back in the morning to finish the pack so we don't have to pay time and a half for labor. It has also been a long week and we want to take a few minutes to catch our breath and pause before the last push.

I'll get a few photos from the hall in the morning of the load-out.

Keep an eye out on the Barbizon Website for the official NAB show report. All our staffers had recon from the floor and we are in the process of compiling them up.

We've had a lot of activity on the BLOG.. I am glad all of you tuned into our updates.. Check the page out from time to time as we update with interesting happenings.