Wednesday, April 18, 2007

DAY TWO - Still going strong

Check out how many people watched John Gates' presentation on HD lighting w/ no Tears.

At Jim Sipple's 4:30 presentation they were 3 and 4 deep around the booth.. I had several people remark how great it is to have these sessions we present.. they are between 20 and 30 minutes and they are chocked full of tips and tricks that studio and field production people can use every day. They will be continuing tomorrow, but it is the last day for the Barbizon mini-sessions for this NAB.
OK.. Stuff we saw.. that's what it is about.. Barbizon will have a comprehensive show report link on the website in a couple weeks but for now.. here are the highlights.
Kata bags has a lot of new bags and ones that are lighter than other poly-molded cases and you can fit 4 lights in them.

Element Labs has their new Kelvin lighting series for film & video white light fixtures provide unlimited variable color temperature settings, creating new flexibility in lighting. Plus, they maintain a color rendering index (CRI) of 95 between 3200 K and 6500 K, resulting in extremely high-quality light. It's pretty impressive.

Kino Flo has their new Bar Fly fixture:
It's small thin and damn bright.. it's based around a biax lamp but is compact and really sturdy.
Matthews Grip has a new website.. pretty neat.. I don't know how they found the time to get it done with all the thought they put into their practical joke they played on us by hiding a remote controlled fart machine in our booth so when Jonathan was speaking to the troops this morning they were able to make it sound like Mr Resnick might have had a very large chili cheese omelet for breakfast.
DSC Labs has a really cool new book for educators and students that explain focus charts, why one should use them and it has charts in the back of the book.. it's a great deal..
I am taking my laptop to the floor tomorrow and will get some photos of the notable things that are brought up in the morning meeting.