Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day Three - Revenge of the Fart Machine

So at last year's NAB Barbizon played a little practical Joke on Matthew's grip. Victor Lloyd from the New York office kept leaving notes in their booth saying that something was borrowed and it would be returned @ the end of the show and not signing a name. We could see their booth from ours and it was our little morning chuckle when they would be scouring their booth looking for the missing item. Well, revenge was theirs this year when they hid two remote controlled speakers with fart noises recorded on them.

When Jonathan Resnick was giving his yearly pep talk to the Barbizon staff before the show opened the Matthews people were on the sides waiting for the opportune moment. When Jonathan paused they let it rip.. A good laugh was had by all and we used it sparingly. Well yesterday a podcast for houses of worship stopped by to interview us and we volunteered our Director of Systems Bill Price. They were looking for a good background and I suggested the video monitors on top of the remote controlled fart speakers.. Needless to say we embarrassed Bill a bit.. and if those pod casters are reading this please send us the out takes.

Well, it backfired (get it?) on us a little. One booth staffer, who will remain nameless, had the remote control in their pocket and during Jim Sippel's 4:30 session something in their pocket kept accidentally triggering the sound effect.. We thought it was only once, but after the session Jim informed us is was three times. Jim was a good sport about it once he realized it was an accident.

Now - on to cool stuff seen at the show:

1. Element Labs - has their new Kelvin Led lighting.. wow. They had a HD camera and a car in their booth and it looked amazing.. they have an over 90 CRI on these fixtures so the color rendering is sweet.

The above is all LED Lighting

2. Lighten-ing Rail DC - Industry Advanced Technologies had a really slick way of dealing with hanging lights on drop ceilings when you cant get to the exact place you need.. It's called Lighten-ing Rail DC. The kits come in either 2 and 4 foot lengths and have attachments to the ceiling pan and two baby-pins. Pretty slick.

3. K5600 - has a new reflector system for their Alpha fixtures. It is a Quartz Composite Reflector that is 15% brighter than standard polished aluminum reflectors. The reflector allows them to place the lamp closer and get better light output.. The rumor is they have one in testing for their 1200..

4. Lowel Light -

What you are seeing here is the inside of a Rifa Lite. They have a few new lamp modules that hold fluorescent lamps that were pretty bright.. I'd like to see it with all four sides of the Rifa bag reflecting the light forward. I also wonder about transporting lamps from place to place.. But.. If power or lamp life is an issue this might be an interesting option.

It's been pretty slow this morning.. I am going to venture over to the South Hall to amble around again..

More later with the wrap up!