Friday, March 16, 2007

USITT Friday Wrap Up..

Well, Sorry all for the delay. Day two wrapped up a few hours ago.

The show is in full tilt. Interesting things we have seen include ETC their new Smartfade ML on the floor.. Here they are demo'ing it.

Oh yes, David Lincecum is blogging the show too.. You can read his @

I am particularly excited because the new ESTA Foundation's Behind The Scenes booth has been busy also. Lots of people have been donating to purchase raffle tickets to win a bunch of different prices. The new BTS lapel pin 2.0 arrived to fresh from the manufacturer. It has a LED where the light of the ghostlight is and it fades up and down. Pretty cool. We will have them at the raffle @ LDI in Orlando. If you need it before, I am sure you can contact the ESTA Foundation with your donation and they will send you one.
I have a lot of other photos to get up here but I have to go down to the hotel bar and meet a few people..
More tomorrow. I am going to get the FLIKR website info and post most of the pics I took there after the show.