Sunday, October 22, 2006

So the pizza tastes like cardboard and my feet hurt – must be Day 2!

Pathway Connectivity, the Pantheon of Canadian Cool, are showing the Pathport Uno, a single-gang Pathport Node which required no field terminations and lets you put a Ethernet node in a one-gang box for permanent installations.

That doesn’t sound nearly as cool in writing as it is when I was holding one. Oh well, some things just don’t translate, I suppose. The other cool thing is it starts out life as Artnet-resident, Strand ShowNet-resident and Pathport resident, so it can retrofit into multiple existing systems. Is that helping? I think this product is pretty snazzy, and can see a lot of use for it. They also have additional products for their eDin line of devices, which mount on Din rail in standard electrical back boxes, so you can drop a modular DMX merger, splitter, demultiplexer or whatever in a standard box and wire it up with 120V power to the power supply unit. In permanent installations that don’t require a lot of modifications by the end user, it provides a great solution to the equipment racks I’m getting tired of building.

Here’s a couple of things I think I think. Just random stuff from the floor.

1) I think I like the fact that LEDs are getting really bright, but I wish they’d all point them somewhere else.

2) I think the GE booth is pretty. Nice one, Peter.

3) I heard that there’s an IP65 video wall on the show floor. Hmmm…Where’s a fire hose?

4) I think the guy with two turntables and a microphone in the center of the show floor is definitely NOT where it’s at.

5) I think less than 30 people will get that reference.

6) I think strobes are cool. I think the guy will recover from the seizures eventually.

7) I think the new Kino Flo fluorescent fixture should come with a pair of sunglasses. Monstrously bright. No really, BIG light.

Speaking of big light – Arri’s 18K is almost big enough to fold someone up and hide them inside. That’s an amazingly bright fixture, and now they have a DMX-controllable automated yoke for it. That’s just sick. In a good way. The movement on the yoke if nice and smooth, and can also be controlled by analog if you haven’t yet joined the rest of us in the late 20th century.

There’s a bunch of people here, and a lot of folks that I’ve talked to are either here for the first time or the first time in several years. That speaks well for our business, because there were a few soft years here since 2000, so it’s nice to see a lot of traffic at almost every booth.

New toys from Rosco, and I don’t mean Alan Kibbe’s goatee. They have thing called LightPad, which is super-thin side-illuminated panel which uses white LEDs. It’s good for under-dash lighting, product photos, or anywhere that you just can’t get light or can’t have any heat. Pretty cool stuff.

Gotta go, time for lunch with a designer friend of mine. I’ll try to get back with all y’all later today. Bet you didn’t know that was the correct plural of “y’all,” did you?