Monday, March 12, 2012

Light It Up Blue With Rosco Filters!

Roscolux color filters (aka gels) make it very easy for you to add the color blue to lights in your home, restaurant or building to help Light It Up Blue on World Autism Awareness Day – April 2nd.

The staff at HOK Lighting in St. Louis, one of the driving forces in making the Light It Up Blue Campaign easy to achieve, recommends using Roscolux #80 on brighter light fixtures or if the illuminated surface is more reflective and/or light-colored. They recommend using Roscolux #68 on lower-medium intensity light fixtures or if the illuminated surface is less reflective and/or darker-colored. Roscolux filters are available in 20”x24” sheets and 24”x25’ rolls.


How To Light It Up Blue:
Most light fixtures can be covered using the 20”x24” sheets. However, if you need to add blue to several lights, it is more economical to buy the 24”x25’ roll. The 24” rolls are also an easy way to add blue to the troughs of your office fluorescent fixtures, or if your fluorescent fixture doesn’t have a trough, Rosco can manufacture Roscolux #80 and Roscolux #68 into sleeves that slide over the fluorescent tubes. Roscolux #80 is also available in wider, 48”x25’ rolls; making it easy to tape blue color filter to windows - effectively turning all of the lights inside your home or office blue for the night.

HOK Lighting also offers this advice for mounting the color filter to the light source: Every light is different and each will accept the filter in its own way. Some fixtures may have a slot for sliding the filter in, others may necessitate a little more creativity to attach the filter in front, which may be as simple as a little tape. You’ll want to leave some separation between the filter and the actual lamp itself, as the lamp itself can get quite hot. Securing the filter to the glass lens of the luminaire (not the lamp or bulb) is best. Try to cover the entire lens or opening because any white light that escapes can overpower the blue light.