Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Barbizon Light of New England Lights Up Sutton Massachusetts High School.

Photo Credit: Robert Benson

Barbizon Light of New England worked with Central Massachusetts Sutton High School to consult, integrate, and install lighting systems for their theatrical and TV Studio. The physical location of the theatre and the TV studio made it possible to use a centralized dimming and control system that the two spaces could share while still maintaining independent control.


Two ETC dimmer racks were installed. Thru the use of ETC’s Net3, both the theater and the TV studio were able to share the dimming resources. The Theater was allocated 144 dimmers with a mix of D20 dimmer modules and R20 relay modules allowing mixed use of convention tungsten Source4 and LED fixtures. The TV studio was assigned the last 48 dimmers, again with a mix of D20 and R20 modules to accommodate LED, fluorescent, and tungsten studio fixtures. Both spaces have their own ETC Element consoles connected via the ETC network to the dimmer racks.

Unique to the design of the theatre is the inclusion of Color Kinetics RGB Cove LED fixtures behind frosted plexiglass on the facade of the balconies. The design offered the space the ability to change colors and overall feeling of the space with simple controls either through the ETC Element or the Paradigm house light system.

The stage lighting package included a mix of traditional tungsten and LED based Source4 ellipsoidals, Chroma-Q ColorForce LED strips, fresnels, and worklites. The fixture package is diverse in technologies offering students a professional experience.

For additional information about this project, please contact the systems division of the Barbizon Light of New England office at 781-935-3920.

Monday, April 25, 2016

NAB 2016 Wrap-up

NAB 2016 | Barbizon Lighting
John Gates busting common myths about LEDs in Production
Thanks to all of you who took the time to stop by Barbizon’s booth at NAB in Las Vegas last week. 
We hope that you enjoyed the show and learned a thing or two about the latest developments in production lighting.
 We are in the process of adding the 2016 NAB Show Report to our website that will break down all the new equipment our saw from over 50 manufacturers at the show, all for you to read about in one place. It should be complete by the end of the week so check back if you don't see what you are looking for.

Perhaps you attended one of our in-booth classes by John Gates and Jim Sippel, but if  you were not able don't fret.  We've made all four presentations available for PDF download for you with the links below.

If you have any questions about the presentations feel free to contact us at inquiry@barbizon.com or call your local office at 866-502-2724.

PDFs of Barbizon's 2016 NAB educational seminars from John Gates & Jim Sippel with these links:

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Updating Aging Neon With Something New

The Hudson Hotel in Manhattan has two prominent escalators that are the focal point to their entrance.

Under the hand rails yellow/green neon tubes were originally installed, running the entire length to match the color scheme of the rest of the hotel. Over time, the neon deteriorated and faded significantly, and the high cost of repairs made it difficult to keep it looking good. The Hudson Hotel reached out to Barbizon's NYC offices just a couple blocks away for help with improving their main entrance and updating their escalator lighting.

After assessing the situation and looking at the options, a great solution was City Theatrical's QolorFlex NuNeon, an LED product that resembles neon tube, could be a solution for this project.
NuNeon can be cut to length on site, bent easily, and unlike neon, can be controlled to produce any color. And unlike fragile glass neon tubes, NuNeon is unbreakable. NuNeon also produces a complete straight line the entire length of the escalators instead of being broken up by power inputs for the neon tubes.

The NuNeon was installed into an aluminum extrusion in the hand rail. This was done with Velcro to
accommodate the curvature of the hand rail and the lack of material to screw the extrusion to.
City Theatrical supplied D3 Dimmers to control the NuNeon on this installation. The D3 Dimmer has a built in user interface that allows level settings to be made without the need of a lighting controller.
The D3’s were installed in a control room and the wiring was run to each individual leg of the NuNeon on the escalator. Power was then run to the top of the escalator to power one half of the strip and the other end was powered from below. This allowed the two sections to meet exactly in the middle without a gap.

After all four runs were installed the NuNeon was adjusted to the chosen color using the level set
feature on the D3’s user interface. After one D3 was set the other three were matched in settings to
duplicate the color set on the first one.

The Hudson Hotel replaced an old and fragile lighting technology at their main entrance and reduced
power consumption and maintenance costs, while producing a great new visual experience for guests arriving at the hotel.

If you'd like a proposal to update your existing system or would like to add a NuNeon highlight to your space contact your local Barbizon office today.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

If You're Going to Talk the Talk You Need to Walk the Walk

At Barbizon we've been showing our customers the benefits of energy efficiency and helping them to make their spaces look and function better.  But sometimes it can be a little like the "Cobbler's children" parable.  We're so busy helping our customers we sometimes let things go for ourselves.

Barbizon Florida's Miramar office has a large warehouse that was originally lit with 8’ T-12 fluorescent fixtures that were old, the ballasts were worn, and a change was needed.  Federal energy legislation such as EPACT (The Energy Policy Act) mandates the phase out of many of the older T12 linear fluorescent lamp types (which these were) for newer, more energy efficient technology.

Systems Manager Drew Bongiorno and General Manager Nicholas Cohen took this opportunity to look at the available options on the market and settled on replacing the older technology with new 8’ T-12 LED lamps.  Below you will see before and after pictures.  The benefit to the office was dramatic - they were able reduce power consumption as well as increase visibility in the warehouse - a win win for everyone.

If you have a space that has older florescent lamps and want to explore updating contact your local Barbizon office today.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Visit Barbizon at USITT - Win Cool stuff - Get Free Headshot for Social Media

In a short two weeks theatre technicians from around North America will be making the trek to Salt Lake City to attend the 56th Annual USITT Conference.

Team Barbizon lighting will be there to show you the latest in lighting equipment - we'll also have some great opportunities for you to win some cool new gear.  Barbizon is raffling off a lighting fixture from OSRAM.

We're also going to have a small area and backdrop set up all lit courtesy of Rosco Labs with their  Silk and Vector LED fixtures so attendees can take well lit headshots so you can use them on social media or professional websites like Linkedin.

If you still need a free Expo Foor pass to  USITT 2016 in Salt Lake City March 17-19 Use promo code BLC427 and this link will get you set up. http://bit.ly/USITT2016EXPO