Monday, October 16, 2017

ETC Announces Additions to Their Echo Architectural Controls Line

ETC’s Unison Echo family just got more powerful. A new operating software adds customer-requested features to the architectural control system, including tunable white and sequence control for the Echo DMX Scene Controller, and more.

DMX Scene Controller can now control tunable white DMX luminaires, giving users the ability to choose a color temperature that best suits their space. Control for color-changing fixtures has also been expanded, allowing users to mix a chosen temperature of white as well as colors. A new sequence feature has been added to provide dynamic lighting control. Trigger functions in the DMX Scene Controller have been expanded to control how the system should behave if a DMX source is plugged in, or what to do if a primary DMX source is lost.

Echo stations and sensors now support preset control across multiple spaces. A single button push can control multiple rooms, including the ability to turn off lights in multiple spaces. Plus, Echo photo sensors support a new inhibit function that prevents the sensor from raising levels when they have been For more info on ETC’s Unison Echo line of products, visit

Friday, October 13, 2017

Need an Expo Pass to LDI 2017?

Barbizon will be attending and be exhibiting at the annual LDI show in Las Vegas.  Show days this year are November 17-19.
If you still are in need of a free expo pass - we have your back. 
Use this URL and although it should autofill our code if it asks use VIP code E206.
LDI 2017

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Barbizon Lights Up The Weston Playhouse at Walker Farm

Photo by Gabriel Vaughan
Barbizon Light of New England congratulates Weston Playhouse Theatre Company on their grand opening of their Walker Farm Performance Space held on September 23rd.

Their new performance space is located a short walk from the Weston Playhouse, in the center of Weston VT, and sits on 5 acres of farmland. The outside design of the new building blends into the surrounding landscape, resembling a modern barn, not a new performance space. The modern barn feel continues throughout the inside of the building with large rolling barn-style doors leading to the performance area, square and rectangular multi-pane windows and lots of natural wood throughout.

As a former Alumnus of the Weston Playhouse staff, Sara Willey of Barbizon Light New England office was thrilled to work with Lighting Designer, Travis McHale, and Master Electrician, Andrew Zaccagnini, to supply their lighting fixture package. “It’s always a bonus when you have a previous relationship with a customer and can help them with a new project,” said Sara Willey.

The majority of the lighting fixture package is LED, consisting of ETC Colorsource Spots (regular and deep blue engines) and ETC Colorsource Pars. Along with the LED theatrical fixtures, Weston Playhouse purchased a handful of Chauvet Professional Maverick MK1 Spots and a dozen Chauvet Rogue 2 Wash units. They also purchased a number of traditional halogen Source 4 units for both the Walker Farm space, and to expand the inventory at the Weston Playhouse.

All of the Walker Farm lighting is controlled by their new ETC Ion Xe lighting console which was released by ETC the week before the Walker Farm order was scheduled to ship from ETC. “Timing was the key to this project. Travis and Andrew had most of the details of the lighting package worked out well in advance of when it needed to ship to site. This was extremely helpful since some of the items take time to build and we had a hurricane bearing down on at least one of the manufacturers. Their advance preparation gave us time to make decisions like going with the Ion Xe instead of the legacy Ion and to arrange a demo of the moving lights in our NY office for Travis to evaluate prior to ordering.” said Sara Willey.

Andrew Zaccagnini commented "Sara and the entire Barbizon team have been an outstanding source of assistance and information for Weston Playhouse as we worked to open our new space. From the initial bid to the last minute test of gear in New York and final delivery, Sara was with us every step of the way working to make sure we received everything we needed to make our new space function at its highest abilities. We truly cannot thank Barbizon enough for their work on this project."

For more information about the Weston Playhouse and the Walker Farm Theatre including ticket info visit: or follow them on Facebook @westonplayhouse.

Architect: Jim Pulver, Breadloaf Corporation, Middlebury, VT.
Theatrical Consultant: Peter Rosenbaum, Fisher Dachs Associates, NY, NY.
Consulting Lighting Designer: Travis McHale
Master Electrician: Andrew Zaccagnini
Other Photos by Sara Willey


Monday, October 02, 2017

Farewell Jonathan Resnick

Jonathan ResnickThe lighting industry grew a little dimmer September 28th; we are heartbroken to report the passing of Barbizon Lighting Company’s CEO Jonathan Resnick. 
Jonathan’s larger than life personality, passion, and energy touched many people, from his time at Brown University, to working in broadcast news, and eventually running the business that started 70 years ago by his father Sam Resnick and Sid Bloom.
Jonathan's perspective, clarity, and vision set him apart as a trusted colleague and mentor to so many people in the lighting industry. His insight will be truly missed.
In a note from the Resnick family, “…in the coming days, there will be much to reflect on and much to be shared.  The Resnick family feels very proud of and indebted to the Barbizon Family for all of its commitment to the organization, but also for joining with Jon and growing a professional business known as an industry leader.”
A tribute page to celebrate Jonathan’s life has been set up for colleagues, families, and friends to share memories, pictures, and messages. If you’d like to contribute, the web address is:
Please feel free to share the link with others in the industry.
We were all incredibly fortunate to have worked with Jonathan.  Once we recover from our loss, we all will do exactly as Jonathan would have wanted. Get back to work and make the world shine.

Monday, September 11, 2017

My Dimming System Has Taken On Water: Now What?!?!

We've already been fielding a lot of calls in our Texas offices and calls have even begun to come in from Florida customers about what to do when your dimming system has taken on water.  

We were in the process of writing a post when we noticed our friends over at ETC beat us to it!

We've re-posted the entire article below from the ETC Blog. Here is the original link.

My ETC system has taken on water.
What do I do next?

As life begins to get back to normal in the areas hit by Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that followed, we know that our customers will be returning to the theaters, schools, community centers and houses of worship where you rely on our equipment. We understand that this can be a difficult, stressful, and emotional period of time, so this blog post will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have about where to go and what to do to get your lighting and rigging systems up and running safely again. 

Neuhaus Thaetre
Left: The Neuhaus Theatre in the Alley Theatre, Houston, TX, before Hurricane Harvey. Right: The Neuhaus Theatre after the hurricane.

Your safety is our biggest concern. Before doing anything else, we recommend turning off the power to the equipment in question. Energized equipment that has had water ingress poses a serious electrical risk to anyone using or servicing it.
The next step is to contact your insurance company to inform them of the damage, and they will assist you in getting equipment inspected and repaired or replaced. If you’re unsure about the extent of the damage, you can contact your ETC dealer to help assess the situation. If you don’t have a regular dealer, you can find one in your area on the ETC website.

Neuhaus Theatre lobby
Left: The lobby of the Neuhaus Theatre before Hurricane Harvey. Right: The lobby after the hurricane.

Our experience has shown that equipment that has incurred water intrusion may not be recoverable in a way that guarantees future reliability of the system. Water carries large amounts of contaminants, and when combined with the harsh cleaning products typically used for this type of cleanup, it can lead to more product failures than solutions. Just a small amount of dirty water can cause corrosion to the small components, so while a device may not display immediate failures, it could fail within weeks or months.
In general, we recommend that all control electronics, fans, dimmer modules, and network equipment be replaced if it has been wet. Dimmer/relay racks may be rebuilt if they’re in reasonable shape, but you might find that the repair quote exceeds the cost of replacement. We recommend getting conduits and power feeds assessed if they’ve also been under water, including a consultation from an electrical contractor or inspector.

Alley Theatre
The exterior of the Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas, following Hurricane Harvey

As always, our 24/7/365 Technical Services department is available if you have any questions throughout this process. You can find the contact information for your closest ETC Tech Services staff on our website.
We’ll continue to send our thoughts to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey, as well as our hope for a fast and smooth recovery and rebuilding process.
All photos courtesy of Alley Theatre
Chris Blad works as a technical support specialist at ETC’s headquarters in Middleton. Chris holds an MFA in scenic technology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before coming to ETC, Chris worked as a production and facilities director at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.