Friday, October 12, 2018

Barbizon Lighting and LDI - During & After the show!

Headed to LDI Next Week?

Are you headed to Live Design International (LDI), the entertainment industry's annual gathering, to see the latest in entertainment tech?  Stop by and say hello! 

Barbizon Lighting employees from across the nation will be converging on the Las Vegas Convention Center and you can visit us in booth 916 and we can discuss all your upcoming lighting needs.

If you don't have your floor pass yet, there's still time to get a free exhibits-only pass from us. Just visit the URL

Not able to attend - we can help there too.  Check out our comprehensive LDI Show Report. Get the facts about the latest in the industry, compiled by our LDI Show Team for you to read all in one place! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Barbizon Lighting Company Promotions in Washington D.C. Office

Alexandria, VA – The Barbizon Lighting Company Capitol office recently announced the promotion of Mark Fink has into the new role of Middle-Atlantic Business Development. Fink's focus will be on expanding Barbizon’s connections within the lighting community in both our traditional markets as well as exploring new opportunities to aid clients with our unique skill set as they develop projects.

Also announced is the promotion of Rob Yeager from a senior project manager into his new role as Systems Manager for the Capitol office. Yeager will be responsible for managing the Barbizon Capitol systems group of integrators, project managers, and technical services staff.

Commenting on the promotions, Barbizon Capitol General Manager Lindsay Latham said, “The promotion of these two dynamic employees will further enhance our capabilities to match the growth our office has experienced in the region.”

You can contact Barbizon Lighting’s Capitol offices at 703-750-3900 or email

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Lighting Designer Benjamin Cisterne turns to Gantom Lighting & Controls for refresh of Australian War Memorial exhibition

Below is a repost from Gantom about a project completed by our Barbizon Australia office.

The renewed First World War Galleries of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra opened to the public in December 2014, with a new lighting design by Benjamin Cisterne that makes extensive use of customized LED lighting fixtures from Gantom Lighting & Controls(formerly Darklight: Precision Lighting System) to illuminate both the historic dioramas and the display cases.
Australian War Memorial
Design: Cunningham Martyn Design
Showcases: Designcraft
Lighting: Benjamin Cisterne Design
Photography: John Gollings
“Over the past years, demand for Gantom products, among museums and unique exhibits around the world, has steadily increased. This is due to the modularity and versatility of the lighting products we make,” said Gantom president Quan Gan. “It’s thrilling to see a gifted lighting designer such as Benjamin Cisterne apply his vision with our lighting products in this outstanding exhibition venue.”
“The Australian War Memorial (AWM) is one of the most visited places in the country,” said Cisterne, whose company Benjamin Cisterne Design was subcontracted to exhibition designer Cunningham Martyn Design (CMD). “The First World War Galleries had not had much done to them since the 1970s and were in need of a revamp.” Australia in the Great War, in the Galleries, is said to be one of the most significant First World War exhibitions in the world, drawing on the Memorial’s unique collection of First World War artifacts, technology, uniforms, medals, photographs, film, and personal items such as letters and diaries.
For the display cases, Cisterne sought an alternative to traditional tungsten lighting. He approached Barbizon Lighting to help him identify LED options that were compact, state-of-the-art, powerful, and could be mounted in a variety of ways. “After reviewing several manufacturers we elected to go with Gantom as they had a more complete and finished offering of products that were plug-and-play and had excellent optical properties,” said Paul Lewis, system sales, Barbizon Australia Pty Ltd.
Australian War Memorial
Design: Cunningham Martyn Design
Showcases: Designcraft
Lighting: Benjamin Cisterne Design
Photography: John Gollings
Lighting the dioramas called for fixtures that combined theatricality with durability. “My background is in theatre design and one of the things that people come to me for is to bring something of that to museums – not just to illuminate the objects but to employ a level of interpretation in the design,” said Cisterne. “I had used Gantom fixtures previously on some smaller projects and been impressed. They are well-built, which gives confidence to put them into a project that needs to exist for 20 years or more and at the same time the fixture is as flexible as that found in a theatre. The color-ability of the Gantom DMX range and the direct-ability of the Precision range just outdoes anything else on the market at that size and price mark.”
The new diorama lighting uses 120 Gantom DMX Dynamic White Flood and 120 Gantom DMX RGBW Flood fixtures. The display cases use over 1000 Gantom Precision Z Spot and Flood fixtures ranging from 3000K to 4000K with custom glass-top mounts designed to conceal the fixtures.
Roughly half the lighting fixtures on the project were manufactured by Gantom, and all of the Gantom units were installed by Cisterne’s team. ODG and BUILT were the main contractors for the electrical install. “Using DMX native fixtures made this a complete and versatile system, and made integration a breeze,” said Cisterne.
Compactness and versatility
Gantom’s Precision Z fixtures afforded Cisterne the flexibility he sought for the display cases. “They made it possible to give each displayed item an individual focus that best defines its shape, colors and place in the story,” he said. “The cases range in size as do the objects on display, and the types of material range from metal to paper to fabric prints and wooden artifact.” The compactness of the fixtures provided an additional benefit of saving space.
“The units reduced the overall size of cavities required above cases,” said Cisterne, “and the variance in beam angle was very useful for getting light into the right places inside the cases. The very narrow units are great for shooting a spot far down onto a small object or text at the base of a case and the wide floods are brilliant for washing a background. The units dim really well and the color temperature remains at low brightness. This is especially useful when lighting a paper object next to a metal one.”
For the beloved dioramas, the selected Gantom fixtures supplied the range Cisterne required to meet the design challenge – to “give them a new vibrancy” and fulfill guest expectations. “The dioramas are well known and treasured by visitors internationally,” he said. “It was essential for me to get these right. The Gantom fixtures enabled us to focus and color a theatrical scene for each that has reference to place and time of day, and conveys the mood of the imagery. Two of the dioramas have digital backdrops that cycle through a timed sequence. The Gantom fixtures allowed us to create dynamic lighting effects for those scenes.”
Collaboration and innovation
To realize the lighting design vision required extensive collaboration between Cisterne and CMD, the Museum, Barbizon and the display case manufacturer, Designcraft. “Working with CMD for more than 10 years, we have developed a distinctive design style,” said Cisterne. “I was directed by their designers and asked to add additional ideas.” Part of Cisterne’s process is to fully learn the needs of the end user. “The team of technicians who will inherit the system – in this case, at the Australian War Memorial – will have an influence on my choices, as I find this to best aid the design for its long future.”
Said Cisterne, “I needed to mount the Precision Z fixtures above glass in a way that I used to do with older MR16 fixtures. I drew up a new mount for the Precision range, and Barbizon and Gantom had it prototyped and eventually built for the project. This is the kind of interaction we desire, as designers collaborating with suppliers and manufacturers.” The new custom glass top display case mount is now part of Gantom’s standard product line.
Australian War Memorial
Design: Cunningham Martyn Design
Showcases: Designcraft
Lighting: Benjamin Cisterne Design
Photography: John Gollings
Barbizon developed and manufactured locally a cowling for the new mount, as well as a rail clip for mounting the fixtures to a rail system. These collaborations resulted in specifications and prototypes for custom plug-and-play cabling and mounting accessories that were then manufactured by Gantom. “We turned the Gantom range of fixtures into a full-fledged museum and gallery lighting system,” said Lewis.
“It was an honor to be a part of this amazing project and to work with designers and system integrators who understand the technology and were able to give us a well-defined set of requirements,” said Gan. “What drives us at Gantom is seeing our products and efforts enabling the creative genius of designers and being a part of the magic they create.”

Monday, August 27, 2018

Green Hippo Announces Incredible Educational Pricing Packages

Green Hippo Educational Program

Green Hippo takes training and education very seriously. Green Hippo’s Hippotizer™ training sessions or ‘HippoSchool’ have been running for over 8 years.

Not only has Green Hippo maintained monthly training workshops worldwide, HippoSchool has also toured extensively in support of Hippotizer’s distribution and dealer network. HippoSchool has visited 40 countries worldwide across 5 continents, training over 2000 students, freelancers and professionals from ages 14 up to 70.

In order to further this success, Green Hippo has introduced a full education discount package for all educational facilities, both public and private educational institutions.

To continue training of new and existing AV professionals worldwide, Green Hippo recognizes the importance of passing on the skills of Product Specialists to students who want to follow in their footsteps.

Green Hippo offers Hippotizer Media Server models at a special discounted rate to encourage educational establishments to incorporate video production and media server technology in their curriculum.

This education package comes with a set of guidelines for media servers purchased under it. 

All Hippotizer Media Servers purchased with this package are only to be used for College/University productions and should not be used for any productions and/or functions other than within the specified course.

Training Guidelines

Green Hippo will provide documentation relating to best practices and techniques for teaching Hippotizer as well as a training workshop(s) with the course leader to help integrate the media server workflow into the curriculum.

Green Hippo conducts HippoSchool training workshops on location where required, however, lecturers are actively encouraged to conduct their own training workshops where possible. (Discounts on private training are also available.)


You will be assigned an account manager, as well as have the support of the Green Hippo US training team to develop and support the use of Hippotizer in your course.

If your institution would like to further look into this program please contact your local Barbizon Lighting office today at 866-502-2724 or email with your contact information and location and we'll put you in touch with your closest office to start the ball rolling.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Hive lighting has announced a summer sale through August 21st.  If you've been thinking about getting one of their fixtures for your kit now is the time!
All Hive Wasp 100-C Heads and Kits are on sale through August 21st.

Save more than $100 on our brand new kit: The Wasp Nest!

A chimera pancake softbox combined with the Omni-Color output and S.H.O.T. controls of the Wasp 100-C make this a value on any set.

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Par Reflector Wasp 100-C

The Wasp 100-C base kit. Everything you need to start shooting! Includes a Par Reflector and Barndoors.

Save more than $400 on the
 Wasp 100-C 3 Light Kit

Shooting on the go?
This the perfect kit for a flexible three-point light set-up. Keep your lights safe using our Rolling Hard Case with Custom Foam 

Contact your local office at 866-502-2724 for more information or email us at with what you'd like quoted!