Friday, September 30, 2016

Do you Light Up Your Building / Office For October?

October marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and soon the color pink will blanket buildings, offices and monuments across the country to raise awareness.

No matter the canvas, Barbizon Lighting can help your organization show support. 

The Rosco Spectrum Blog has a great post on things to think about when choosing colors based on what the light source you are putting gel in front of, some great takeaways from the blog include:

"There are many factors that influence what “the right pink” is, including the spectral output of the light source you’re working with, the hue of the pink you want and whether or not the gel can survive when installing on the light source.
Most lights used to illuminate buildings are either metal halide or sodium vapor. The metal halide makes a ‘white light’ that has spikes in the blue and the green, while the sodium vapor fixtures are very yellow and also have a high green spike. Remember, a color filter cannot put color into a light source that it doesn’t already contain. So, if the light source you’re working with doesn’t have the colors in its spectral output to make pink in the first place, installing a pink color filter on the light won’t work.
In general, you’ll have the most luck working with metal halide as that particular source has more colors present in its spectral output, so it should yield a decent pink."
Here's two colors that make a lot of sense for October.
  • R43 Deep Pink for metal halide lights
  • R346 for sodium vapor
If you wish to project a pattern on your building or wall Rosco also makes an Awareness Ribbon gobo that can be put a pattern projector and then the ribbon of light can be aimed at a surface to show your support.

If you have any questions or need help with lighting Request More Information from us!

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Now You Can Be a NYC Skyline Lighting Designer

Would you like a way to freak out your friends the next time you are in and around Times Square in NYC?

Soon you'll be able to login to a web app that will let YOU control the 1 Bryant Park and 4 Times Square spire lights from your smartphone.

Barbizon Lighting integrated the lighting and control systems for both buildings a few years ago and recently, NYC Developer Douglas Durst's son-in-law Mark Domino came up with the idea to allow anyone using app to change the lighting atop the two Durst-owned buildings.

The app is called "Spireworks" and as the website states, "Spireworks is the only building scale interactive lighting installation in New York City. (You can) Use your mobile phone to sign in and control the spire lights."

Don't rush to log in yet as "To become a user, you must be invited by someone who is already in the private beta program. Each user gets a limited number of invites. Guests can use Spireworks for the duration of an event and are not required to create an account. At this time, there is no sign up available to the general public. Access is by invitation only."

More information and the website to check it out is

Friday, June 17, 2016

Barbizon Lighting and Harford Community College Bring Entertainment Technology to the Mid-Atlantic

Harford Community College is proudly partnering with Barbizon Capitol to sponsor the 2nd annual Entertainment Design Expo (EDX) Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 from 9 AM-5 PM at the APG Federal Credit Union Arena at Harford Community College in Bel Air, Maryland featuring national and international manufacturers and representatives for a day of exploration and education in entertainment technology.

Whether you work, or just have an interest in the technical side of theatre, television/film, house of worship, museums, or a themed-environment EDX is the place to see the latest technology all in one place.

Expanding since its first year, EDX has grown from 13 vendors to now filling up the APG Federal Credit Union Arena with 32 of the most knowledgeable companies in the entertainment industry.

Attendance is free, but you can pre-register to be entered for door-prizes and giveaways prior to the event. Pre-Register for free today at

New to this year’s event are free hour-long educational seminars, the current class lineup includes:
·      Show Networking and Data Distribution featuring ProPlex - TMB -11am
·      D-Pro introductory programming class - Enttec -11am
·      The Benefits of LED Technology in Intelligent Lighting - High End - 12pm
·      Lighting 101 - AKT3 - 1pm
·      E.L.M introductory programming class - Enttec - 1pm
·      Wireless DMX - City Theatrical - 2pm
·      System design challenges when using LED tape - Enttec - 3pm
·      Future of Lighting - Gantom- 2pm

Friday, June 03, 2016

Why You Should Consider Attending NATEAC This July

This July architects, engineers, consultants, manufacturers, integrators and installers will converge on NYC for the North American Theater Engineering and Architecture Conference or NATEAC.

NATEAC's mission is to "to promote communication between the architects, engineers, consultants, and manufacturers responsible for designing and building new theaters and renovating existing facilities in North America. It is also our goal to promote a higher level of interaction between these professionals and the end users of their facilities."

Bill Sapsis
NATEAC Conference Dir Bill Sapsis
Conference Director Bill Sapsis attended a similar conference in Europe and felt the same types of discussion and interaction would translate well here in North America.  According to their website: "The requirements of performance spaces are more complex than ever before. With the meteoric rise of digital technology and the ever expanding diversity of these facilities, there is an increasing need for those responsible for these spaces - the architects, engineers, consultants, manufacturers and end users - to have an opportunity to share in their knowledge of 21st-century technology. NATEAC will help facilitate the process of design, construction and renovation of traditional and non-traditional theatres to the benefit of all who use them."

NATEAC 2016 will offer more than 60 panelists speaking at 24 sessions on topics ranging from LED power requirements to gender issues in public restrooms and prefabricated theatres.

Barbizon New York's John Gebbie will be part of a panel on Sunday, July 17th  at 2:30 entitled
"System Integration – It's more than just two words!"
Experienced industry professionals discuss what System Integration really is. The discussion will focus on both installer's point of view and what is expected by the Specifying Consultant. It will include what works and what doesn't work in writing specifications for these projects.
For more information or to register for NATEAC visit their website at

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Learn Lighting From The Creator and Co-founder of LitePanels Pat Grosswendt

LitePanels Co-Founder and Creator Pat Grosswendt
Lighting expert and Litepanels co-founder, Pat Grosswendt will lead the first set of Master Classes beginning Thursday, June 9th at Barbizon Lighting’s New York offices.

Grosswendt, who has over 35 years of lighting experience and has worked as a lighting director and gaffer on film, commercial and television sets such as It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Practical Magic and The Crucible, will use a camera, monitor and on-screen talent to provide practical demonstration of five-point, three-point, two-point and one-point lighting.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask Grosswendt to demonstrate “how would I light?” scenarios and ask other questions.

The first set of classes are scheduled for Thursday, June 9th at the following times:
  • Session 1   10:00am - 11:30am
  • Session 2   12:00pm - 1:30pm
  • Session 3     2:00pm - 3:30pm

Space is limited so reserve your spot early by registering here.